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Highlight for Album: Random London shots
Album: Random London shots
Last change: 05/28/2018
Contains: 5 items
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Highlight for Album: St. Pauls
Album: St. Pauls
Last change: 10/22/2018
Contains: 5 items
Viewed: 2057 times.

Highlight for Album: Elle
Album: Elle
Last change: 09/26/2006
Contains: 3 items
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Highlight for Album: Lightning!
Album: Lightning!

My first attempt at taking photos of lightning. It took me 2 hours and much trial & error to get these 2 images. The full images look much better than the thumbnails, so make sure you check them out!
Last change: 09/26/2006
Contains: 2 items
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Highlight for Album: Well Bay
Album: Well Bay
Last change: 05/05/2011
Contains: 6 items
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Highlight for Album: Little Elizabeth Bay
Album: Little Elizabeth Bay
Last change: 05/05/2011
Contains: 8 items
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Highlight for Album: Fencing
Album: Fencing

These are all taken at my fencing club "Swash & Buckle" unless otherwise noted.
Last change: 01/31/2008
Contains: 9 items
Viewed: 1802 times.

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