Win My Booze!

Over the years in the BVI, I've amassed a decent collection of spirits, liquors and assorted beverages not suitable for minors or pregnant women. Instead of trying to sell off a bunch of half consumed bottles of booze, I thought it would be more fun to give it all away.  
  But who to give it too?? Why not you!? That's right, just fill in the little form below with your contact details and a guess of how many bottles I have in my bar and the closest guess will win them all.

Your Guess:


- I promise I won't spam your email with any junk mail
- Contest not valid in the state of Wyoming, or any other states. Honestly.
- In the event of a tie, I'll randomly pick the person I like best between those that tied. Yay Random!
- I'll be notifying the winner on Oct. 30th
- I can't believe I have to add this, but you only get one guess! Stop trying to cheat Jamie :P

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